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Horses Trading

Horses Trading
Unlike football, the sole purpose of horse racing are the stakes. No one will travel 300 Km to watch their favourite horse in a Hippodrome.
I studied in depth the market for horses. It is a very attractive market for pure trading because it has a lot of liquidity.
by Paulo Rebelo   |   comments 0

I still keep receiving questions about horses because it’s still confusing to some people understanding why me being a trading specialist, don’t work in that market, which is the traders main market.

Unlike football, the only goal in horse races is gambling. No one makes 300 Km to go to a Racetrack to see their favorite horse like it happens with football.

I leave here my experience in that specific market:
I deeply studied the horses market.
It’s a very attractive market for pure trading because of its flow.
I sketched and experimented tactics.

I consistently won money in the majority of races, by doing per-live trading, however when I lost, the loss value was high. I concluded that, even though the small profit, the lost time with the horses market wasn’t worth it and I specialized in the football market.

Loss was due to the delay of the news arriving to Portugal.

For example: Started to rain. There are horses that if the weather is dry, they’re the favorites, but with rain they’re not. Suddenly the favorite horse odd shoots up and me being in Oporto couldn’t understand why. Two minutes later I realize that it was raining. Result: A high loss because that rise of odds was not predicted and doesn’t respect any market rules.

Another example: In Milan, right next to San Siro there is a Racetrack. When I visited the stadium and went to see a race, just by curiosity. As soon the horses show up in the “departure gate”, the gentleman that was next to me, picks his phone up and provides instructions to bet in the second favorite horse, because the favorite horse looked very “upset” and the joker (owner) was having difficulties in controlling him.

These information’s that are very relevant for the market, arrive with delays to the “horses SporTV” that you access in UK or net…

Now in London, I have access to TV, but I still don’t work with horses, because I specialized in football which I prefer.