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Which are the best football leagues to bet on?

Which are the best football leagues to bet on?
Newcomers to the betting world may wonder: which is the best league to bet on?
The answer may vary, depending on whether we're talking about punter bets or trading. As in almost anything, such ways of betting need to be addressed in different ways.
by Josué Ramos   |   comments 0

Let us begin with punter bets.

Which are the best leagues to bet on? Think about it...

Many may thing it's the European leagues. Some because they're from Europe and know these leagues well, others because they started betting on those leagues. But if we take into account the concept of value, we know we must stay ahead of bookmakers when it comes to fair odd lines and access to relevant information. The problem is that it's not easy to do that with the European leagues, since these are famous and bookmakers have access to relevant information, adjusting the lines constantly and swiftly.

Most bettors, punters and tipsters know that these leagues are to be avoided, since it's not easy to find value bets, and when we do find it, we have to fight for the crumbs with Asian syndicates brokers. Therefore, it's almost impossible to find value in these leagues.

To be successful in such big leagues, beating bookmakers and other bettors, we need to have the best scouts, who can give us the best intel before they do. It's too complicated to bet on the main European leagues. It's not impossible, but we'll have to work with fair lines, which make it hard to get a profit.

Therefore, the best leagues to bet on are those smaller ones, in which bookmakers find it harder to access relevant information. The smaller the league, the better. For several years now, the Brazilian leagues have been a gold mine, since it's easier to find high value odds before bookmakers adjust the lines. Throughout South America, as well as in Central and North America it's possible to do that. We realize we can have access to relevant information before bookmakers do, which has been lucrative in the past. There are smaller leagues in Europa that are also gold mines, but the cost of having scouts there is high and it may not pay off. In fact, to keep scouts in Asia, Africa and Oceania isn't easy or cheap. The odds and the markets available aren't very attractive either, particularly considering we have a gold mine in the back yard.

Brazilian leagues have been lucrative since online betting was created, because it's easy for us to get access to relevant information, which allows us to stay ahead of bookmakers. In Colombian leagues the situation is similar, as in other South America leagues. The exception is the Argentinian leagues, since bookmakers have easy access to relevant information about such leagues.

The more remote bookmaker access to information is, the better for the punter.

Basically, the idea is that the remote bookmaker access to information is, the better for the punter, since spending a little money on scouts pays off, getting access to information bookmakers won't have for days, therefore taking a while to adjust the lines. Remember punter bets are about finding value odds. Betting with fair odds isn't lucrative.

I'm one of those who likes to take a chance in the big European Leagues, so I'd like to make it clear once again that it's not easy to stay ahead of bookmakers and other bettors. Besides, we won't find that many value bets and it's not cheap to maintain scouts there. But I've managed to get a profit out of it there, so I can't say I don't recommend any European leagues, as long as you have access to good information: a tipster or a site like the Online Betting Academy to give you access to good stats and value bets.

In trading it's all exactly the opposite.

In trading the concept of value isn't as relevant. So fair odds or not, it's all the same! Our mission is get in and out of the market quickly with small tick variations. To do so, we need liquidity. Therefore, the big European leagues are the best, because there is a lot of liquidity and it's easier to get our bets matched. This doesn't happen in smaller leagues for obvious reasons: there isn't much money invested in such small leagues.

The mission of a trader is to get in and out of the market quickly with small tick variations. To do so, we need liquidity.

Once again there are clear differences between punter bets and trading. So we must keep in mind that:

  • for a punter, the furthest the league is from the big centres the better;
  • for a trader, the bigger the league the better.

These are two very different markets, so we must address them differently.

Lately there are a few leagues that stand out when it comes to finding value bets:

In the big leagues, as the first divisions of England, Germany, Italy and Spain it's also a challenge to find value, but this article is not meant to discourage punter bets in these leagues, but to advise you that it's important to get access to relevant information before placing a bet, since in these league the bookmakers dominate the markets by accessing relevant information quickly, so you need to be careful before placing a bet.

I hope you have enjoyed this article.

Hugs and good bets everybody!