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Side bets to be made in Baccarat

Side bets to be made in Baccarat
There are some types of bets that make this game even more interesting.
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Continuing our special series of the card game Baccarat, today we will explain some side bets that you can make in this casino game. In the previous article, we showed the rules and gameplay, which proved that it is a simple game to assimilate and with a single betting objective: choose whether the winner of the round will be the player, the dealer or a draw. But as we like challenges, we'll show you some possible bets to add, increasing the attractiveness of this game.

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Among the most popular, we have separated the following:

All Red/All Black
This is a type of side bet that, in addition to the natural bet of the game, the player's hand has to be composed only of red cards or black cards. The payoff is pretty high if you win that way, running around 22:1 and 24:1.
Bellagio Match
This bet is quite challenging. It bets that the dealer or the player will receive three cards of the same value. Given the difficulty, the prize is advantageous, if the bet is for the player to form this combination, it pays 75:1. If you are the dealer, the payback is 68:1.

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Double 8
This is a bet type that pays 15:1 if the player wins. For this, the sum of the hand of the player and the dealer has to give the value of eight.
Dragon 7
In Dragon 7, the idea is for the banker to win the hand with three cards and that their sum total is seven. The payout for this type of bet is around 40:1.
Panda 8
Similar to Dragon 7. However, here the player has to win the round with three cards, only if they add up to eight. 25:1 is paid on this bet.
Perfect match
This is a type of bet in which the starting hand, dealer or player, must be an identical pair. If it's a pair of different suits, the payout is much lower. The first option pays 25:1. If they are pairs of different suits the return value is 5:1.
Royal Match
Here the challenge is to receive in the opening hand (starting hand) a king and a queen. If they are the same suit, the payout is 75:1. If the suits are different, the payout is 30:1. The bet can be on both the player and the dealer.
Three-card 6
For this bet to be successfully completed, the dealer or player will need to end the round with three cards, their sum totaling six. If only one of them finishes the round with this game, the payout is 8:1. Now, if the two of them end the game with this combination, the payout is high: 100:1.
Suited three-card 8
It reminds a little of the bet from above, but with greater challenges. The player or dealer must close the round with three cards, their sum total giving eight. But beyond that, they need to be of the same suit. For all that, if it's a winning bet, the payout is 25:1.
Big and Small/4-5-6
Here, the bet is to know how many cards the dealer and player will finish the round with, adding up the amount of both. If there are four cards in total, the value of 3:2 is paid. Now if the round ends with five or six cards on the table, the amount to be paid will be 2:1.
There are thousands more side bets to add to Baccarat. We only show a few that are very interesting and that pay different amounts. We're sure the game will get more exciting this way. Until next time!

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