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Alternative markets to bet on football

Alternative markets to bet on football
Corners and cards are markets that can offer good profit.
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As much as the results market in football (1x2) is the one that concentrates the largest amount of money in bets, there are others that, in parallel, have the preference of several bettors, such as the corner and card market. It is possible to extract good profit with bets of this type, which is why we will talk a little more about them in this article.

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Any bet that is made, the importance of a complete evaluation of the teams is clear, in addition to having a database with statistics and information about everything that surrounds the match. This is one of the ways to find an advantage and win a bet, as the market is very competitive and with room for few mistakes.

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Maybe that's why the corner market is made up of several of these analyses, as each team has different ways of acting, some with a total vocation for this type of play, compared to others which opt to avoid it.
Pay attention to the strategies and line-ups of some football teams, in addition to collecting basic information, such as: if this team will play at home, who is the opponent and what is the team's interest in the match in question. It is common for many teams to act more aggressively playing under their domain, as well as others like to explore the aerial balls, and in some cases they can be lower level teams that fight against relegation. Being a good football team does not mean that it will have enough corners in favor, as many prefer short touches and close-to-goal shots, abandoning the idea of ​​cross plays or insistent shots at any angle, two ways that give rise to many corners.
If you have the opportunity to watch the match live, focus on crucial moments in the game, where corners become one of the markets with the greatest chances of winning. Favorite teams losing their mathes tend to take control and move more forcefully to the attack. In addition to the greater volume of submissions, some abuse plays to the area, as an alternative to the moment of despair or for not being able to break through the opponent's blockade. No less important are the final minutes. Here is concentrated the biggest line of the number of corners, as the teams leave for the definition of the match, and many of these moments are worth victory, qualification and even title.
Another market that can yield good greens is cards. It's not about  guessing an average that you believe will come out in the match, it's about taking stats from the teams and looking at how they perform in the competition. There are databases available to everyone today, through apps and websites, containing which teams are the most violent in their championships. In addition, there are special games to bet on in this market, since rivalry and matches being worth something important, generate a much higher level of contact and willingness of players, making the game more truculent.
Here's a secret, which is actually nothing new, but which few players try to assess. See who is the referee of the match and analyze their card average. Each man with the whistle has a very peculiar way of conducting a football match, so much so that in the slang of the ball we are used to hearing “this one lets the game go on”, or also “this one is usually more rigid, warning with cards”.
There are different ways to bet on these two markets, both pre-match and live. The most common are: over/under and handicaps. Some bookmakers also offer these markets in the range of minutes, that is, you can bet that a card and/or corner will come out exactly between the 80th and 90th minutes, for example. This market is ideal if the player is feeling the “thermometer” of the match and the reaction of the players watching it live, making it easier to know which direction the duel in question is taking regarding the following minutes.

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