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Future bets on football

Future bets on football
We'll explain how long-term betting in football works.
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If there was a crystal ball it would be easier, but predicting the champion or finalists of a competition is quite possible, and we call this futures bets. This type of market is offered in several bookmakers and covers the main national and continental competitions, being possible to bet on your favorite Champions League, Brasileirão, Premier League or Libertadores, for example. But stay tuned, there are important issues to consider in betting of this type, and we'll talk about that in this article.

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In bets of this type, it is not necessary to bet exclusively on the champion. In world-class competitions, it is also possible to find quotes for the finalists or semi-finalists (in knockout tournaments), or point out the top finishers, usually up to 3rd or 4th place in national leagues. Thus, it can be predicted that Chelsea will be among the top three in the Premier League, or that PSG will reach the Champions League final. Obviously, quotes for bets of this type have a lower profit return, compared to betting directly on the winner of the competition, given the difference in the difficulties of predicting an outcome like this.
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As you can see, a range of options opens up at the beginning of each competition, which can generate a good financial return in the long term. You can choose to make a single bet or a multiple bet, so that the return is even more advantageous. Therefore, nothing prevents you from betting on Bayern Munich + PSG + Manchester United. As your campaigns go during your leagues, the odds will move, and this is very interesting in tournaments that occur in knockout stages.
For example, in the Champions League or Europa League, as the betting team progresses, the bookmaker offers a financial return, a profit percentage of the bet amount. It will be up to the bettor to decide whether to end the bet with part of the prize pool or will seek to trust his team until the end, being able to keep 100% of the money.
Following what was said in the paragraph above, it is possible to explore other forms of profit, even if your team will not be the champion. It's what we call "calling a bet". Let's take an example:
Manchester United, now with Cristiano Ronaldo in charge of the attack, has an odd of @13.00 to be the winner of the Champions. Betting $100 on the English team will give a total return of $1300, in case of title. Let's say the team makes it to the final. You haven't filled your pocket with money yet, as the team needs to win the deciding game, but you can choose to call that bet. In this case, you would take part of the profit of the $1300 provided and bet on the opponent's title.
In other words, if either team wins the trophy, you will earn good money. Obviously they will need to give up part of the gains that would be possible with Manchester United, but at the same time, they would have the security of knowing that their bankroll will be fatter at the final whistle of the game, regardless of who wins. This can also be done in the semifinals, but then there will be four teams to distribute their money, making the process more challenging, and with lower profits. But it is techniques of this type that make a bettor evolve and find loopholes to make gains.
Future bets require certain conditions from the player, both financial and vision wise. It is necessary to have an amount in the bank that you will not miss in the short term for your bets, as that amount will be retained for the next few months. On the other hand, it is a great way to get above-average odds, when market movement is well studied.
Before Messi arrived, it was already possible to bet on PSG as Champions League champion in bookmakers, but with the acquisition of the Argentine, his odds changed. If for some reason you were confident he would be signed when the first rumors surfaced and you bet on the French team, you were faced with higher odds.
The same goes for favorite teams that didn't start the season well. Here you can see your quotes being valued, as the competition is ongoing and there are other teams in the lead or adding more points.

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