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How to play as an ADC in League of Legends

How to play as an ADC in League of Legends
Learn 3 tips on how to play as an ADC in League of Legends
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The marksman role, aka ADC, within League of Legends is a very responsible position. Practically, the ADC is responsible for the greatest amount of damage possible to opponents. Therefore, AD Carry has as its main mission to stay alive as long as possible to be able to cause as much damage as possible during that time.

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Therefore, the ADC who knows how to behave in the midst of fights and especially in plays together with his team, can easily guarantee the team's victory without major problems. However, knowing how to play damage dealer is a very difficult mission. Even though the ADC is always accompanied by his support, he often needs to play for himself, after all the support needs to help the other teammates. Having said that, to ensure a better gameplay, we at the Betting Academy have separated 3 tips for how to play ADC in League of Legends.

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1 - Farming

A ADC's main problem is the farming. Generally, in lower ranks the lack of farm for an ADC can become a constant nightmare in the player's life. Unfortunately, however, farming is their biggest advantage, as they can shoot down minions from a long range. Also, having a good number of minions gives the ADC more money to be able to return to his base and acquire items before his opponent.
Knowing how to kite within League of Legends is of great importance, if you want to always be ahead of your enemy. From this technique, you will always have control of the wave, that is, the minion waves. Don't forget to always to take the last shot at the minion to ensure your kill and that the gold goes to your account.
Within League of Legends there is a basic suggestion for farming. Intermediate/advanced players must always keep their farm high, and therefore, after 10 minutes of play, the shooter must have at least 100 minions in his count.

2 - Positioning

The second point of greatest concern for ADCs is knowing their position. Just as the technique of kiting is important, knowing how to move and shoot right away is very useful to stay alive in the match.
Many marksmen in League of Legends stop moving in order to shoot, and this is a fatal mistake in gameplay. You must never stop your movement to shoot the opponent.
Another way to stay alive longer is to stay behind your minions. That said, as soon as an enemy attacks you, your minions will pay attention to your opponent and help you deal as much damage as possible to the opponent.

3 - Choosing the champion

Perhaps the most important tip for an ADC is when choosing the champion. Some League of Legends damage dealers are very practical to play and extremely fun, while others are very difficult.
For example, for those starting today, the game will definitely offer you the champions Ashe and Miss Fortune. Both champions are very good and constantly used on the competitive circuit.
However, there are champions that do much more damage during the start of the game, as in the case of champion Draven. However, Draven has a peculiarity of its own, where the champion comes into action wielding two axes in hand. Draven's secret is to have the accuracy of when he touches the ax on the enemy, and you can catch him right away. Having said that, the difficulty of playing Draven is very high, but it is an excellent damage champion.

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