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Top markets to bet on the NFL

Top markets to bet on the NFL
We'll show you the common markets for betting on American Football.
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The new NFL season starts on September 9th and teams are preparing hard for the challenges ahead. The league has grown a lot in audience in recent years and is attracting more and more interest from new fans, which also implies a greater number of bets in the houses of the industry. With that in mind, we put together an article explaining how the main markets for betting on American Football work.

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Moneyline Betting

This is the most common market for betting on sports in general as it is also known as 1v2. In Moneyline, or ML, the player basically chooses which team will win the match. Here it doesn't matter the difference in points, as we'll explain in other markets, but that your team wins the game. The more favorite the team, the lower their odds.

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Point Spread Bets

For those who are used to betting on football or basketball, this market means the same as Handicap. If you are new to betting, it works as follows: the house seeks to give an “advantage” to one of the teams, thus “balancing” the match, valuing the odds of the teams that are very favorites.
Here it is not enough to just choose the winner of the game, but to analyze the difference in points on which you will be betting. Example:
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -4.5
In this case, the current NFL champion will need to win their game by 5 points difference, as they start the match with this "handicap" of -4.5 points. On the other hand, the opponent will appear with +4.5 points, which means that he can be defeated by up to 4 points, which will still have the best in this bet.
This type of bet is used to earn money on teams you trust to win the match more smoothly, as they are the big favorites in the games, and their odds will be very insignificant values ​​in the 1v2 market. Now, starting the game with this disadvantage, the bookmaker offers a much more advantageous probability.

Over / Under Bets

Here you will bet on the total points of the match, making a sum of the two teams. Over means it will happen above “X” points, while Under means it will be less than “X” points. Let's go to the example:
There will be a few dot lines in this market, each with its own probability. Suppose that in the Dallas Cowboys vs Buccaneers game you choose the 40.5 score line.
If you choose the Over 40.5 option, you will need to hope that there will be at least 41 points in the match, adding the points of the two teams, don't forget. Under 40.5 means that you trust the game to be designed for 40 points or less.

Half-time / end-game betting

If moneyline is betting on who will win the match, in this type of market the player will choose who will win at one of the halves. In all markets it will be necessary to have technical knowledge of the teams, but in this case it is more specific. There are teams that dose more in the first half, others seek to solve from the beginning and dose in the second half. Those who know the characteristics of teams well can have an advantage here.

Specific performance markets

Performance markets are also heavily used in NFL games. If in football it is allowed to choose who will score a goal in the match, or who will assist, in American football it is possible to bet on which athlete will score a touchdown, how many shots he will have, who will run a specific number of yards, etc. Here it is for those who have more in-depth knowledge not only of the team, but also of the individual capacity of its athletes.

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