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What do HT bets mean in football?

What do HT bets mean in football?
HT betting in football has some peculiar characteristics.
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There are several betting formats in a football match, and one of them is called HT. Both in the results market, goals or corners you can find this acronym, but do you know what it represents? HT means "Half Time", that is, they are exclusive bets of the first half. Any HT bet ends at half-time, regardless of what happens in the second half of the match.

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In this way, it is possible to bet on the result, how many goals will be scored (or not), as well as the number of corners that the bettor trusts will come out before half-time. It is a type of bet where you can find very interesting odds, because the risk becomes greater, given the short period of time that the bet has to be resolved.

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Let's take an example:
Brazil vs Uruguay face off in the World Cup qualifiers. See the difference in odds for the first half and for the entire match:
For Brazil to score at least 1 goal in the match:
Half-time: 1.80
Complete match: 1.16
For Brazil to win:
Half-time: 2.10
Complete match: 1.45
To take at least 5 corners in the match:
Half-time: 2.20
Complete match: 1.10
Did you notice the difference in the odds in the HT format, compared to the bets that are valid for the whole match (FT)? By the way, the acronym FT means “Full Time”, that is, the complete game. But this is just for you to stay informed, as our focus is on results in the first half.
To set up bets in this style, it is advisable to study the teams, their characteristics, vocations, style of play, the opponent, motivation, etc. These are just one of the factors that need to be put in the balance when deciding to place an HT bet. The difference in odds between Brazil scoring 1 goal in the 45th minute or in the 90th minute is absurd. If you bet 100$ that the Brazilian team will balance the nets in this match, the return is low, 16$. Now, if the bet is Neymar and Cia manage to score until the break, the same 100$ gives you a net return of 80$.
Not only in this example, but in any bet, it is important to try to analyze the quotes to extract the maximum value from them. In this case above, the least a bettor has to do is to look at the records of Brazil and Uruguay, on the team's ability to score goals in the first half and how often this has been happening in the qualifiers, as well as the way Uruguay behaves in the matches, as we know that the team usually scores firmly and enters the games focused, and possibly concede a few goals until the break.
It is important to note that it is also possible to bet that a certain event will NOT take place in some markets. For example, in the goals market it is possible to bet that Brazil will not score goals until halftime (odd 1.90). If the team doesn't hit the net in the first 45 minutes, your bet is already a winner, even if they score in the second half.
There are numerous possible HT bets to make in an event. We have already highlighted it during the article, but it is always important to reinforce: a bet of this type has to be very well analyzed. Try to get deeper into the statistical data, as they tell a lot about a team. Any club has a "DNA", some usually score goals from the beginning, others play the first stage studying the opponent and leave everything to solve in the second half, etc and etc. Knowing how the teams work, as well as the importance of that match for both, HT bets become a great betting alternative, with odds beyond advantageous.

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